Philips iU22 Ultrasound

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The system is redesigned from the ground-up, and includes a flat-screen LCD, ergonomic user-interface real-time 4-D imaging(optional), a new lineup of transducers, integrated DVD/CD RW voice-activated control and annotation, and automated image optimization technologies.

iU22 Ultrasound system –
The Premium Ultrasound System for General Imaging. Supporting the widest range of clinical application capabilities.

  •     Tissue Harmonic Imaging with Pulse Inversion technology
  •     Harmonic SonoCT imaging
  •     XRES adaptive image processing technology
  •     iSCAN intelligent scanning for one-button TGC, gain and compression map optimization
  •     iSCAN with AGC for real-time line-by-line TGC optimization
  •     Simultaneous 2D M-mode
  •     Broadband Flow imaging
  •     CPA
  •     2D/PW Doppler
  •     CW/PW
  •     Contrast Specific Imaging (CSI)
  •     Panoramic imaging with SonoCT, XRES and harmonic modes
  •     Freehand 3D and MPR imaging with SonoCT, XRES and harmonic modes
  •     Automated 3D and 4D imaging with SonoCT, XRES and harmonic modes
  •     Chroma imaging in 2D, 3D, 4D, MPR, Panoramic, M-mode and Doppler modes
  •     DICOM Print/Store
  •     Ergonomics human-center design for comfort and convenience

Philips iU22 Applications

  •     Abdominal
  •     Obstetrical
  •     Vascular
  •     Urology
  •     Cerebrovascular
  •     Peripheral vascular
  •     Gynecological and fertility
  •     Small parts and superficial
  •     Musculoskeletal
  •     Pediatrics general imaging
  •     Prostate
  •     Adult cardiology
  •     Contrast Imaging

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Name of the Manufacturer: Philips

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