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Key advantages

  • Enables matching of the region of interest on both live and pre-procedure images from multiple modalities
  • Guides interventional procedures by creating a single display of patient anatomy overlaid with instrument tip location
  • Enables image transfer from the iU22 xMATRIX ultrasound system to PercuNav via a digital navigation link for streamlining workflow

Create real-time, 3D maps for interventions

Like a GPS for medical instruments, the PercuNav system provides imaging tools to assist clinicians in ablation and biopsy procedures. It combines electromagnetic tracking of flexible or rigid instruments with patient images from multiple modalities to create a real-time 3D map of the patient space that displays the instrument position, orientation, and trajectory, as well as anatomical landmarks. This map helps guide physicians to areas of interest, even when they are small, hard to visualize, difficult to access, or close to sensitive organs, vessels, or tissue.



  • Tracking and displaying the tip position of needles and other instruments in real time on both live and pre-acquired images
  • Tracking a wide range of both flexible and rigid instruments, such as biopsy and ablation introducers, ultrasound trackers, probes, registration patches, and patient tracking devices for motion compensation
  • Providing out-of-plane approaches for targets that are difficult to image and access in the same plane
  • Assisting with subsequent needle placements during ablation procedures when there is “gas out” by using a fused ultrasound/CT image, rather than ultrasound alone
  • Planning of virtual procedures to enable clinicians to select targets and entry points, then virtually travel the selected path to check for obstacles
  • Potentially reducing the need to perform additional CT or fluoroscopy scans during interventions

Leverage the strength of your images

PercuNav image fusion enables users to leverage the strength of each modality to create an information-rich, fused image.



  • Display of corresponding data from multiple imaging modalities as overlaid and side-by-side images with areas of interest automatically marked on images
  • Easy localization and comparison of hard-to-find or ambiguous ultrasound targets by referring to related CT or MR images with corresponding areas of interest marked on the different modality images
  • Aid in lesion documentation for oncology and therapy monitoring
  • Possible reduction of repeat ultrasound exams for interventional planning or device guidance
  • Possible reduction of the number of CT scans
  • Import segmented data sets from Philips Extended Brilliance Workspace (EBW) workstation


Product features include:

  • Ultrasound navigation
  • CT and MR navigation
  • Diagnostic workflow
  • PET/CT input
  • Fusion of ultrasound with other modalities
  • Trajectory and target planning
  • Respiratory gating and motion compensation
  • Automatic tool identification
  • Automatic registration
  • Network DICOM transfer
  • EBW segmented volume input
  • Import from rotational fluoroscopy (cone beam)
  • Instruments

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