Siemens ACUSON Antares

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Stress-free scanning within your reach.

The ErgoDynamic design is engineered to deliver increased operator comfort, reduced downtime, and increased clinical efficiency.

  • Unique system design allowing easy access to transducers and peripherals
  • Height adjustable control panel with intuitive HomeBase layout to help minimize repetitive motions
  • High-resolution 19-inch flat-panel display
  • Articulating arm for flat panel display
  • Compact, lightweight system architecture
  • Lightweight transducers and cables reduce operator strain
  • Intuitive workflow to reduce keystrokes and repetitive motion
  • Hanafy lens transducer and Extend imaging technologies designed to reduce transducer pressure with technically difficult-to-image patients

Unparalleled efficiency- acquisition to archive.

The Antares system is designed to provide the workflow solutions needed to compete in today’s fast-paced clinical world.

  • Embedded DICOM
  • DICOM Structured Reporting for Cardiac, Vascular and OB/GYN
  • TEQ™ ultrasound technology
  • DIMAQ-IP integrated workstation
  • Onboard CD/DVD-R drive
  • syngo® US Workplace connectivity
  • syngo® Auto OB measurements
  • Image anonymization teaching file tool
  • System software security package to meet HIPAA guidelines

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Name of the Manufacturer: Siemens

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