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The ACUSON S1000™ Ultrasound System* features the premium imaging performance that you have come to expect from the ACUSON S Family.

Unrivalled imaging performance.

The advanced system design is shared with the industry leading ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system. This architecture produces a high fidelity ultrasound signal while running multiple real-time applications giving you the premium image quality you need to make your diagnosis – even in difficult-to-image patients.

One system for multiple specialties.

This robust, fully featured platform can be configured to support your clinical needs and budget requirements. It supports a wide range of transducers and multiple applications for all body types. This make it an ideal system for shared service environments in hospitals and private practices.

Best-in-class imaging technologies.

With its powerful architecture, the ACUSON S1000 system supports a full range of advanced technologies and features that make the ACUSON S Family so versatile.

Many of Siemens’ most powerful innovations and applications have been migrated to the ACUSON S1000 system.

Ultra-premium applications take you above and beyond.

The ACUSON S1000 system provides extraordinary investment protection with multiple configuration options. There is also an upgrade path to Siemens’ ultra-premium technologies available only with other ACUSON S Family systems.

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