Siemens ACUSON SC2000

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Easy workflow every step of the way.
At Siemens, we’re innovating every step of your workflow:

  • eSie Measure™ workflow acceleration package is a breakthrough to simplifying your routine echo exams by providing semi-automated measurements in all modes.
  • eSieScan™ workflow protocols ensure consistent and customizable exams.
  • Auto volume LV analysis generates ejection fraction from a volume dataset in less than a minute.

All of these add up to potential time savings, improved accuracy and better outcomes.

Knowledge-based Workflow

Siemens uses unique knowledge-based workflow technologies to simplify your echo exam. This improves efficiency and reduces user variability and repetitive stress on every exam.

  • eSie Measure Workflow Acceleration Package provides semi-automated measurements for 2D, M-mode and spectral Doppler.
  • Auto Left Ventricular Analysis Package for LV volume quantification generates ejection fraction and volume data in less than a minute, eliminating manual tracing time and intra-operator variability. 
  • Rapid Stress™ volume stress echo application provides rapid analysis of wall motion abnormality for a wide range of patients including arrhythmia and dyssynchrony patients.

Adaptive Ergonomics

  • Configurable desk format with 90 degree side-to-side positioning enhances user comfort and proximity to patient.
  • Flexible articulating arm and high-resolution 20.1-inch wide screen flat panel display for optimal monitor placement and enhanced image quality in all lighting situations.
  • Ergonomic 4Z1c transducer features a palmar grip with an elastomeric gripping surface to facilitate a positive hand grip while scanning.

To further enhance your efficiency, the syngo® SC2000™ Workplace workstation enables complete review and processing of the acquired volumes — freeing the ultrasound system for acquisition.

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