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Mounted at the Point of Care

Our mountable ultrasound systems offer a zero footprint. The S Series™ ultrasound systems can be mounted to a cart, wall, or ceiling, and have an simplified controls that let you focus in on your target areas in a matter of seconds. High-resolution images help you see exactly where to perform procedures and allow for accurate diagnoses when treating patients. The S Series ultrasound machines are built to meet U.S. military standards for durability. They boot up quickly, are lightweight, and are built with intuitive designs for ease of use.

  • S-Cath. Custom-designed for radiologists,  the S-Cath™ ultrsaound system requires very little space and provides sharp image quality using just two controls.
  • S-FAST. Designed for emergency physicians, the S-FAST™ ultrasound system offers amazingly clear image quality and a fast, easy way to transport patient data.
  • S-ICU. The immediacy of the ICU requires an ultrasound system that moves as quickly and efficiently as you do. The S-ICU™ ultrasound system helps clincians see more, and see better. Faster.
  • S-MSK. Custom designed for clinicians working with musculoskeletal pathology, the S-MSK™ ultrasound system is surprisingly easy to learn and use, allowing you the opportunity improve care and decrease complications in interventional procedures, such as injections and aspirations.
  • S-Nerve. Anesthesiologists want fewer buttons, menus, and dials. You can operate the S-Nerve™ ultrasound system using just two controls and one pair of hands, and its strikingly clear image quality lets you see structures as structures and edges as edges.
  • S-Women’s Health. Designed specifically for breast surgeons and women’s health clinicians, the S-Women’s Health™ ultrasound system features only two controls while also achieving optimum image quality.

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