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With more than 8,000 systems in use worldwide – more than all other systems combined – the AMX® represents the gold standard in mobile x-ray imaging.

A primary reason is the series of innovations pioneered by the AMX engineering staff to improve image quality, enhance reliability, and boost your staff’s productivity.

Dimensions: Height: 76”, 1930 mm. Width: 25 3/16”, 640 mm. Length: 45 3/8”, 1153 mm. Weight: 1050 Lbs, 477 Kg.

Battery: Nine 12.9 volt batteries connected in series provide approximately 116 volt at full charge. Battery capacity is approximately 20,000 mAs at 100 kVp when fully charged and under specific operating conditions. Actual mAs capacity depends on the condition of the batteries, use of collimator lamp, electric brakes, rotor, and distance driven.

Movements: Tube vertical movement measured at the focal spot. Range: at least 52.5” (1334 mm). Lowest position: 26.1” (663 mm) maximum from floor. Highest position: 78.6” (1996 mm) minimum from floor. The horizontal movement measured at the focal spot relative to column face is 24” (610 mm) minimum, to 40” (1016 mm) maximum. Tube column rotation measured from horizontal latch is 360°. Tube and yoke rotation around Horizontal Arm measured from tube port down position: range: 360°; detent locations: 0, ±90°, and ±180°. Tube Trunion rotation measured from tube port down position: range: 120°, forward: 110°, backward: 10°, detent: 0°, and 90°. Collimator Rotation measured from the front of the collimator with the tube port facing down: range: 180°, right: 90°, left: 90°, detent: 0° and 90°

Drive Speed: There are two speeds: Drive Speed with the horizontal Arm secured for transport, and Maneuvering Speed with the horizontal Tube Arm removed from the Transport Latch. Drive speed is measured on a smooth, hard and level surface. Speed will be reduced by inclines, carpeted or soft surfaces. Drive speed is 264 feet (6705 mm) per minute ±25%. Maneuvering Speed is 30% to 60% of drive speed.

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