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The AMX-4+:
Because good things come in
small packages.

The AMX-4+ packs high performance
features into a package that’s compact
and maneuverable:

  • A lightweight handswitch for easier,
    more comfortable alignment
  • verification and exposure control.

  • More flexible, 270-degree column
    rotation, for faster exam set-up.
  • A column-centering detent to speed
    you on your way.
  • Improved stress-relief column
    support with high-strength base
    casting and oversized bearings for
    greater durability.
  • Stronger, larger casters and wheels
    to minimize shock and vibration,
    improve mobility over rough

With qualities like these, the AMX-4+ is
destined to remain the world’s #1
mobile x-ray system for many years to

The image quality
of a stationary system.

With the AMX-4+, there’s no need to
choose between patient comfort and
quality of exam results. Thanks to
capabilities such as these, it delivers
the same level of image quality
normally achievable with stationary

  • Its wide range facilitates even difficult
    lateral-hip and spine studies.
  • Digital microprocessor control
    delivers extremely accurate and
    consistent technique output from
    exposure to exposure, regardless of
    battery charge.
  • Superior generator-output accuracy
    and reproducibility translate into
    excellent results the first time.
  • Closed-loop feedback regulates kVp
    throughout exposures, eliminating
    the voltage fluctuations traditionally
    associated with mobile units.

Extraordinary reliability and

The AMX-4+ has been designed for
non-stop performance in even the
most taxing “bump and run”
environments. Among the reasons:

  • Our maintenance-free, rechargeable
    lead/acid battery produces up to
    50 exposures on a single charge.
  • A tube arm latch relieves column
    stress during transport, even over
    elevator thresholds and hall
    expansion joints.
  • AMX-4+ diagnostic software
    automatically initiates self-check at
    start-up and streamlines troubleshooting
    should a problem arise.
  • The handswitch cord has a modular
    plug to make replacement a breeze.
  • Major components are easily
    accessible for fast servicing.

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