GE Definium AMX 700

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The AMX sets the standard for X-ray portability – and now the Definium AMX 700 raises the bar.
Digital. Portable. Durable.
And drastically improving
workflow productivity.

Digital rollout.

The most popular compact, mobile X-ray system just got more popular. The once familiar has been propelled into the streamlined world of digital technology. And new levels of image quality and workflow efficiencies have been achieved.

Introducing the Definium™ AMX 700 – a mobile imaging system that’s been revamped with digital horsepower. For decades, the AMX system was the mainstay of mobile X-ray imaging. It delivered the image quality of a stationary system in a small, agile unit that was easy to use. No wonder it became the technicians preferred choice – with several thousand systems in use globally. Now, this legacy platform has been infused with the power of GE’s flat panel digital detector. The same detector technology used throughout GE’s comprehensive product line. With the same, consistent software platform.

What’s more, all Definium products utilize the same user interface. Offer the same productivity features. Deliver the same consistent image quality and unsurpassed mobile reliability. The result: Minimized equipment time. Maximized patient time. Definium AMX 700 will change how you define portable imaging.

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