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Whether you already have the Precision 500D R&F system installed or are looking for a new R&F solution, you’ll appreciate the flexibility our DR Imaging Option gives you digital radiography today or tomorrow.

The Precision 500D gives you the flexibility to fulfill a variety of R&F roles depending on your needs.

You can choose:

  • Digital-ready R&F system that converts easily when you’re ready, or
  • Fully digital R&F system from the start

Why choose Precision 500D?

The system allows you an affordable transition to digital radiography, enabling you to ease into your digital solution when you’re ready.

Invest with Confidence
FlashPad can be used with other compatible GE X-ray systems.

Enhances Workflow
Touchscreen monitor lets you quickly select the protocol, display images in real-time and transmit them automatically to PACS.

Better Room Utilization
By adding our DR Imaging Option, you get an R&F system and a digital radiography room all in one.

Speedy Upgrade
The DR Imaging Option can be added in as little as one day, with minimal downtime or interruption

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