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Precision RXi is a compact, versatile, remote-controlled R&F system that offers you a variety of clinical capabilities. It is designed to help you easily manage your clinical needs and volume demands:

  • Delivers outstanding image quality in both analog and digital applications   
  • Provides a broad performance range for a variety of R&F exams and angiographic procedures
  • Offers patient access from both ends of the table

The Precision RXi is a flexible solution for hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers. With ease of use and workflow advantages designed to satisfy your staff, patients and your budget, such as:

  • Simple, user-friendly interface with optional integrated console to drive operator commands
  • Automated gantry movements help you achieve the necessary table and tube angulations for complete anatomical coverage
  • Standard automatic exposure adjustment let you define parameters for optimal exposure conditions; helps reduce patient dose and achieve excellent dynamic image quality compared to conventional fluoroscopy

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