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Digital mobile X-ray imaging at its best

With the new Mobilett Mira, digital mobility goes wireless – combining increased freedom of movement, simple handling, and excellent image quality. Get to know the innovations of the new mobile X-ray system and experience digital imaging at its best.

Wireless detector

Whether daily handling or image data transfer, Mobilett Mira gives you wireless flexibility. The result: safer operation, fast digital data transfer, no cables to trip over. The image quality is comparable to that of high-end stationary systems.

• Seamless integration of wireless technology
• Outstanding detector resolution
• Complete imaging freedom in your daily routine 

Rotating swivel arm

Thanks to its industry-leading arm range and its counterbalanced design, the rotating swivel arm lets you examine every region of interest in every position and from almost every angle. The fully integrated cable design ensures greater sterility.

• Industry-leading arm range
• New degree of freedom by means of lateral arm rotation
• Hygienic design due to integrated cables

Highest imaging power per footprint

With Mobilett Mira you get the highest imaging power in the smallest space. The high output power gives you pin-sharp images, comparable to high-end stationary systems. The WLAN detector provides first-class image quality under any conditions.

• High imaging output for stationary-like images
• Excellent image quality in a compact system
• High-resolution FD for low dose applications 

UPTIME Services

Mobilett Mira is reliable and always up-to-date. Not just in daily use, but also in data security. Regular anti-virus updates protect you against malware. Siemens Remote Services ensures uninterrupted system availability, online and at your facility.

• Virus protection
• Remote Diagnosis
• Remote Update Handling 

Virtually unlimited power, battery-saving, giraffe design

Mobilett Mira provides virtually unlimited power with a single central charging mechanism for the detector and system batteries. The ECO-Mode lets you use up to 25 percent less energy. The friendly giraffe design creates a relaxed atmosphere.

• Detector and system batteries recharge automatically
• Battery-saving ECO-Mode to use up to 25% less energy
• Friendly and colorful giraffe design 

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