Siemens MOBILETT XP Digital

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An easy start

  • Compact design, outstanding imaging power, easy maneuverability and positioning
  • Easy to clean due to the hidden cable design
  • Flat panel detector with the format of 43 x 35 cm (17 x 15 inch) with reinforced detector cable suitable for all static x-ray applications on patients of any size and age
  • Detector can be used similar to conventional film or imaging plate cassettes and images can be send to the hospital IT system immediately
  • Patients can be registered manually or via DICOM Worklist
  • If previous patient images exist, they can be called from the
    local image storage
  • Mobilett XP Digital can store at least 3000 images

Get the picture immediately

  • Instantaneous image access
  • Immediate viewing of images to perform on-site quality checks and adjustments at the patient’s bedside
  • Instant access to the information needed to make a decision about appropriate patient therapy
  • When seconds count – this streamlined workflow can make the difference in improved patient care

Image processing and networking

  • Basic image processing functions (brightness, contrast, edge enhancement, etc.) directly on the system
  • Possibility of transmitting the image data via wireless access or a LAN cable to the hospital IT system for archiving and documentation

Stay digital

  • MOBILETT XP Digital makes DICOM-specific networking and archiving functions available
  • DICOM functions enable a smooth and streamlined workflow
  • DICOM Worklist function facilitates convenient patient registration
  • Send and Print functions enable easy transmission and
    printing of all X-ray images to the hospital network

Operational efficiency

  • Touch screen allows easy control of the desired functions – all with the touch of a fingertip
  • Intuitive interface is easy to understand and operate with several preset anatomical programs
  • High-quality control images are available within seconds for preview prior to transmission or printout via standardized DICOM interfaces

Giraffe design

  • For a more relaxing patient environment
  • Less anxious during the exam

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