Foot Switch Cable Part Number 877216-04 for OEC 2800, 9600, 9800 C-Arm

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Part Number: 877216-04

Part Description:

Foot Switch Cable for OEC 2800, 9600, 9800

We supply crimp couplings (3m p/n MVU18-BCX) and adhesive heat shrink to waterproof the connection–

For 9600’s we have a new internal strain relief with diode assembly inside the molded part. As the Lemo connector does not fit through the pass hole in the case, the Lemo connector needs to be assembled after cable installation. Very simple and we provide factory instructions and a photo for help. All of the FSE’s we asked for feedback preferred to assemble the connector, (pins are crimped and poke and are pre-crimped for you), rather than soldering wires to the diode assembly. 

For 9800’s the diode assembly is sold separately as you may not need to replace it. 


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