Digital Radiology Parts and Accessories for Sale

Digital radiology is type of x-ray imaging that uses specialized digital x-ray sensors, instead of film, to capture internal images. Through the use of a digital image capture device, this type of medical imaging uses less radiation than traditional x-ray machines and produces higher quality images in less time. By using digital image capture, technicians can access previews of the images immediately after they were taken. This cuts down on the cost of processing film and offers more flexibility in terms of image quality, since technician can digitally enhance images that aren’t as clear in order to improve the details. There are two different types of digital radiology: Computer Radiography (CR) and Direct Radiography (DR). CR is similar to standard x-rays, except that the images are captured by an imaging plate instead of film. Once the image has been taken, it’s read by a specialized device and transferred to a specialized picture archiving and communication system, or PACS.  In DR, images are captured through a sealed imaging cassette, similar to the cards that are used in digital cameras. The images are wirelessly transmitted to the PACS once they are captured. Depending on the type of digital radiology system being used, there are several important parts that work together to make it work: the display and controls, digital image receptor and processor, power supply, image management system and image storage. CapMed+ sells a variety of high quality digital radiology parts and accessories from brands like GE, Philips and Siemens. We also sell peripheral parts, including optical disc drives, speakers and cables for the top systems on the market. Looking for affordable digital radiology parts and installation services for your medical practice or imaging center? Check out our inventory below and use our convenient contact form to submit your information for a fast response on parts availability and pricing. Not sure which parts are right for your digital radiology machine? Please contact a CapMed+ Specialist at 888-575-8669 for assistance.

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