OEC 9900 CVID Retrofit carm tech monitor

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Part Number: OEC 9900 CVID Retrofit carm tech monitor

Part Description:

Fits all O.E.C. models (9600, 9800, & 9900) as well as other square boom design c-arms.
Fits Philips Pulsera/Endura/Libra lines

No worries with the C-VID, we’ve got you covered. When you purchase the C-VID Plus, everything you need is included.

  • 1 C-VID
  • 1 LCD 1080p Display with BNC and DSUB
  • or DVI inputs (please specify).
  • 1 25′ Display Power Cable
  • 1 25′ BNC Cable
  • 3 Cable Clips
  • 1 Pack Cable Zip Ties
  • Or purchase the C-VID seperately and choose your own display monitor.

OEM: Retrofit

Condition: Brand New

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