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If you want to migrate your x-ray machines to digital radiography, the Thales ArtPix EZ2GO portable DR system is the perfect solution. Using the detector’s built-in Wi-Fi detector, the system can be used immediately, eliminating the need for cable attachments. Process x-rays quickly and safely with auto detection capacity and a protective body that safeguards against damage from drops and water spills. With a state-of-the-art workflow option and graphical user interface, it’s easy to customize the EZ2GO to work best for your needs. The tactile tablet allows multi-touch gestures for operational uses in a variety of settings, including x-ray mobile units, RF rooms, RAD rooms, and neonatal units, delivering outstanding image quality for faster and more accurate diagnoses.

FAQ about the Thales ArtPix EZ2GO Detector

  • What systems are compatible with this EZ2GO detector?

The EZ2GO detector works in a variety of settings, including x-ray mobile units, RF rooms, RAD rooms, and neonatal rooms. The system can be used in an unlimited number of exams in any location.

  • How does the EZ2GO detector compare to other detectors in the market?

The EZ2GO can be used right away and features auto detection instead of a generator synchronization. This detector also has detector sensitivity throughout it’s body, even on the edges. Competitor products typically only have sensitivity in the center of the detector, making the EZ2GO the best detector in the market.

  • How is the integration process for the EZ2GO detector?

Integration is a simple process with the EZ2GO to hospital RIS and PACS. Designed as a plug and play solution, the detector has a built-in wi-fi detector so that it can be used immediately without the need for cable attachments.

  • What kind of drop coverage protection plans are available?

The EZ2GO comes with a 70 cm drop protection warranty with the base package. We offer a rental program that can be used while the detector is being repaired. We also offer a 3-year or 5-year warranty on the detector that is typically $5K per year with deductibles. These offer 48 hour full replacement of the detector.

  • Is financing available for the EZ2GO detector?

Yes. Exclusively with CapMed+, we offer customizable 2-5 year terms for anyone with well-qualified credit. Contact us today for more information at 877-304-8999.

OEM: Thales

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