Hitachi MRI Parts & Accessories for Sale

      The technology experts at Hitachi Medical are pioneers in MRI technology, offering comprehensive diagnostic imaging systems that provide incredible performance and reliability. With a strong reputation for powerful MRI technology, Hitachi systems provide a broad range of patient-centric services. From the Echelon Oval 1.5T, the widest wide-bore system in the industry, to the Oasis 1.2T, featuring the highest field strength in open MRI systems, Hitachi MRI technology optimizes the patient experience and provides proven efficiency and performance in both oval-bore and open platforms. Hitachi MRI systems are designed to last, with outstanding manufacturing and advanced medical technology that makes it possible deliver superb image quality through years of usage. To keep your Hitachi MRI system functioning at its optimum level, you need high quality parts. This ensures that you get the most accurate diagnostic information and detailed images from your Hitachi MRI system. Staying on top of regular maintenance and inspections and replacing low-functioning or broken parts with high quality replacements is the best way to protect your investment. This includes both the electronic components, such as the processor board and input board, tuning diodes, specialized positioners and coils for imaging the legs, wrists and arms. CapMed+ sells a variety of high quality MRI parts and accessories for Hitachi systems. Our inventory includes tuning diodes for the Airis, Airis Elite and Altaire, the Airis replacement power supply and replacement noise filters and monitors. We also sell peripheral parts, including optical disc drives, speakers and cables for the top medical imaging systems on the market. Looking for affordable parts and installation services for your Hitachi MRI system? Check out our inventory below and use our convenient contact form to submit your information for a fast response on parts availability and pricing. Not sure which parts are right for your Hitachi system? Please contact a CapMed+ Specialist at 888-575-8669 for assistance.